Efraim Talmon, 1925 - 2009
Home and Hobbies

For the last forty years, Efraim and Bat-El lived in 19 Neve Re'im street in Ramat Hasharon, Israel. They married their son, Avner (who, by the way, is the owner of a Golan olive farm), and grandson, Avital, there. Here are some pictures of the home in question.


A general outside view.

One part of the Garden.

As you can see, Efraim and Bat-El loved books... and vases:

The living room's main library.

The other side of the same room.


Efraim was a scholar of history and languages.

He spoke fluently six or seven languages (Hebrew, Yiddish, Russian, English, French, German, and a few more) and was competent in at least six or seven more (Spanish, Arabic, Italian and some others). I once caught him reading Swahili for Beginners, although I doubt he became too fluent in that language.

Here is as view of his working room in Neve Re'im street. Most of the books here are either technical engineering books or language books, dictionaries, etc.

More pictures of Efraim and his family can be found here.
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